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Matt Guyton

I started Bikram Yoga because of a repetitive strain injury due to computer use. I was, at one time, in 24 hours of pain and not only questioning my ability to function in my career but questioning my ability to function on a day to day basis. I remember one morning that was really bad; it was extremely painful to cut a banana…with a sharp knife and it took me 5 minutes to put my shoes and socks on. When I found Bikram Yoga I immediately loved it. It was just me, no weights, no props, just me…and the heat of course. I couldn’t wait to be five years into the practice. That was at the beginning of 2004 and now I’m a teacher and competing in the yoga asana championships. I believed 100%, at one time, that I would be suffering from my injury for the rest of my life. No more. The fact is that with this yoga you can do anything.

Matt Guyton is currently not instructing any classes.

1310 Blue Oaks Blvd | Suite 200 |Roseville, CA

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