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This class is taught by:

Corn Dropik

Hailing from Brew City my first memories were that of music. The moment I discovered guitar I became obsessed. My life was forever changed when my grandfather gifted me my first guitar for my sixth Christmas. By the time I reached adolescence I had been playing festivals, clubs and parties during weekend and summer breaks. At the insistence of a dear childhood friend I left my studies at the university to pursue music. Up to this point my main interest in yoga was mostly breathing and meditation. After years of working in Sin City a friend introduced me to hot yoga. I can’t honestly say that class changed my life but I liked it enough to keep at it. After a few classes I noticed that I could sleep deeply all night, something I hadn’t been able to do since i was a child. Weeks later the physical changes came in the form of weight loss and flexibility. Months later my personal relationships and career had seen incredible improvements. By this point I realized I had found something special in this particular yoga and needed to learn more. My early teachers encouraged me to train with the creator of the original hot yoga. This marked a turning point for me and yoga.
I was fortunate to begin teaching during a time when a lot of great teachers from the community were mentoring those just starting. The first three years were spent under the mentorship of sources ranging from those with over twenty years experience teaching, to yoga asana competitors/champions. During this time I was given the tools in which I use to grow. Always a student I’ve attended dozens of workshops, clinics, and trainings not only in yoga therapy but also alignment and teaching techniques. As I've traveled and taught I have been part of opening and managing various studios. Before long I had the opportunity to offer what I have learned in the form of workshops, clinics, and private instruction to not only the typical yoga student but all walks of life. I’ve personally taught thousands of classes to thousands of people and have witnessed the benefits of a regular yoga practice. To practice and share this method of yoga has been an amazing experience and a lifelong goal!
This class includes postures from the original 26&2 sequence,
and incorporates a few more. To work on arm balancing, strength and flexibility of hips and shoulders, adding opportunities for growth in your yoga practice.
(all level class / heated room / 90 min class)

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